Purchasing A Gift Card

Treat yourself or a loved one with the gift of Relaxation! Gift Cards are available for purchase online 24 hours per day, or in person at the Aspen Wellness Centre. Gift cards are redeemable toward Massage and Wellness Services.
Note: Gift Cards cannot be used toward mental health therapy services.

After your purchase is complete, you will instantly receive a gift card code. This code can be used toward your own massage or wellness services, or manually copied into a downloadable gift card template that can be shared with a loved one. Payment is made via credit card through our secure client portal. You can choose the amount to load onto the gift card, up to $200.

Not sure how much to load? Check out our Price List for more information about our services and fees (taxes not included). Gift Certificates are redeemable for the amount of payment and do not expire.
Note: We cannot include tips in the purchase. 

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Redeeming A Gift Card

Prior to your appointment, please tell your provider that you wish to pay via Gift Card. After services are completed, share your gift card code with your provider, who will search for the code in our system. You can choose how much of the gift card to redeem toward services. You can also combine other payment methods, such as an existing account credit, or a new payment to pay for the outstanding amount. Fees not covered by the gift card can also be submitted for direct billing if you have benefits or insurance coverage.

Get A Gift Card Now


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